Hello, my name is Mr. Terry L. Cook and I’m a retired government professional from Southern California. I currently reside in Spokane, WA, USA, with my family. I’m a college graduate of California State University and a U.S. military veteran as well. I’m also an FAA licensed commercial jet pilot (ATP/CE-500, CFIIMEIAGI) with about 3000 hours of total flying time.

Currently, I’m an online business entrepreneur and have been so for the past six years.

Currently, I’m an online business entrepreneur and have been so for the past six years.

Learning to become a successful online marketer has been one of the most difficult, time-consuming, confusing, frustrating and expensive endeavors I ever have pursued! Indeed, the Internet is a MAZE of infinite activity and attempting to diligently and methodically select the correct roadmap to online business success, without help from someone, inevitably leads one to disappointment, rage, frustration and numerous expensive mistakes and negative encounters with money-hungry fraudulent online “teachers,” who will promise you the world, but who end up delivering, in most cases, nothing of substance.

It is a statistical fact that the actual FAILURE rate for all who attempt to make money online is approximately 97%! Yes, that’s right—97% FAIL on their own, without help and guidance from a knowledgeable, experienced mentor.

Indeed, I myself had failed numerous times before actually breaking through successfully! I had tried selling products on eBay, then Amazon.com’s FBA program, then various failed E-Com websites, e-book sales, dozens of so-called “guaranteed-success” training programs, etc., that never actually helped me to achieve any significant success. Thereafter, I discovered, Mr. John Crestani in Southern California, an online marketing genius!

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That’s all for now, my friends. I certainly hope you have found this info interesting and helpful. Good luck and best wishes in all such pursuits and endeavors!

Mr. Terry L. Cook, Successful Online Marketer